February 25, 2018

About Us

We are 4.2 years experienced in this field and we know how to list tokens in exchanges we also know how to market them in order to find more traders.

We also help in Market making and help tokens by creating a market for them, But our main focus in listing in exchanges. We never charge any fees in advance all service charge is paid after listing in exchange.

Why work with Us

We work with many exchanges and give them listing orders, so they offer us special listing fees which are only for our Clients. So we can offer you listing at a discounted price.

Trust and Only Trust

We work with exchanges with real value and where users feel safe, Listing in good exchange means adding value to your project.
We pick only smart exchanges and present that to our Clients, so if you are a newbie then we can help you find the best exchange as per your needs.

Protect from Scammers

There is many scammer, fake Exchange representative who cheats business by presenting themselves as exchange owner CEO Business Director of reputed exchange, and also send spoof email in order to cheat business, so using our service help you identify such people and keep you away from such frauds.

Protect from Scammers

We also do social media marketing, we have above 5 Year experience in social media marketing so we can easily build your social presence in facebook twitter and telegram.

Listing in CoinMarketCap

We can also list your token/coin in CoinMarketCap[CMC], if you are looking to add your token in cmc then we know how to do it what stuff is required for approval.

Apart from these we also provide many other marketing services like market making, article and blog promotion etc